Better Performance Through Behavior-Driven Growth.

91% of team leaders don’t have a system in place to ensure that their growth and development plans translate into new behaviours and better results.

Until now.

Keep reading to learn how to define the results you are looking for, co-create competency-based learning plans, and translate knowledge into new behaviors and results.

Define the results you are looking for.

At GrowthPlan, we believe that your success in business depends on your ability to consistently apply, over long periods of time, the behaviours that have been proven to produce the results you are looking for.

Which means, of course, that you need to start by defining the results you are looking for. GrowthPlan will help you do that.

Co-create competency-based learning plans.

All learning should be connected directly to competencies your company wants your people to get better in, that will lead to the results you are looking for.

Together with your team members, you’ll co-create a competency based learning plan that connects directly to competencies that your company wants your team to get better in.

You can use your own competency models and content, or use our pre-packaged content and competency models to get started quickly.

Turn ideas into behaviours and results.

The most important result that comes from any learning process are the behaviors that change as a result.

Rather than ask your team to take a multiple choice test proving what they can remember, ask them to translate what they learned into new behaviors that they will track.

The end result is the result you are looking for - behavior change that produces better results - guaranteed.

Use visual progress to drive accountability.

When you make the invisible, visible, everything changes.

When people know that other people are watching, their behavior changes. Using our visual team dashboard, everybody on the team will be able to see each other’s progress, and motivate each other to reach their true potential.